Everyday we grow apart No longer bound by the heart & this cycle I would consider hard Every foul I took the charge I gave this man my heart See that’s the part & that brick was a kinda hard I up and revoked my player card Class clown I was his joke Big manhood they often choke For the life that I wrote Is the no check box on the note That I left on his desk Packed up the little I had left Put my heart back together Arch my back with poise and grace Now I hear … Continue reading Complete


Even in my dreams Finest man I ever seen The way that he breathes Makes me weak in the knees. In my sleep, I can hear him murmur That passionate lightening and thunder I can’t wait until the Summer Riding him like a big Hummer. On top, I get afraid Amazed at the long pipe he laid Oh Cupid the perfume you’ve sprayed Has caused me to crash into a daze. Oh Beloved thank you for the delays All of the times I prayed On my knees I stayed Intrigued at the deck well played. You continue to amaze me … Continue reading Saturdaze


Dark Knight of the soul Scariest tale I was ever told Shattered my tainted and shifted mold To create the abundant third dimensional soul. High on my carpet in outer space Always felt like I was so out of place & Then one day I got a taste I craved Moore of it So higher I had to chase. Universe please take your time Obstacles and challenges I over climb Pure intentions, I’m so Divine Libra Sun and Moon I’m overly kind. So understand I did the work No cocky shit I’m not a jerk Grateful for all the days … Continue reading THANK YOU

I Am Ready.

I just keep asking for the strength To release all of the toxic things I don’t even miss It’s like I finally got the gist Crossing things off my to do list. Some days I barely have the courage But Beloved continues to show me Why I am so worthy Learning patience My life was moving in such a hurry No longer running from my destiny It’s now time to bury. My burdens & karmic pain No longer running in my brain Accepting the things I can no longer change Aware that somethings will just never be the same. High … Continue reading I Am Ready.


Started before I could remember Always me, she never considered & So many times I tried to surrender Excluded when I use to be a member. As time passed We went our ways I remember those grammar school days Valedictorian, I got the raise I even tried to give it to her, But she didn’t deserve the praise. So many years of toxic events Wasted years of friendship Myself I resent Feeling the vibe, I should’ve been went So we broke our connection but I knew that wasn’t it. Walked away when I needed her the most Ego filled, online … Continue reading SECOND BORN