05 25 2018

 My mind cannot retrace

all of the things I’ve misplaced

staying a leg up – in this infinite cardiac race.

The memories I cannot contain

at the utter of the name

of the lame who couldn’t tame the mane I’ve became.


Inevitably I replay

all the shit he used to say

how his lips would part and the melodies would play.

Serenaded and swooned.

Amused and confused.

See I was the one whose ego would bruise.

This love cruise, how the boat would sway.

Oh how damn good he was with the roles he played.

An artist, the best in his craft

for years this cruise would last

And then

They’d ask why I’m so quick to spazz

Not knowing I wasn’t fast


I guess I never could be

See I assumed I was being courted;

Naive to the fact he was a clown impersonating a King.

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