No Other body can stroke



& Me

Make him feign like I’m


He snorts like a line

Constantly replaying the time

When we were fine

& That pole I would shine

Whine and mope

Ice and rope

The thrusting sound

& With every stroke

He’s woke

It’s Broke!

Baby you keep breaking it

Yoga – Gami

My Body

His bendy straw



See on my dope

He began to choke

He could no longer smoke

& At the quicker he came

His feelings he couldn’t tame

So me, he continued to blame

Knowing my heart beat the same

& How cold I became

With the distance which began to grow

He was so fucking afraid to let the people know


He was so heavily in love

So high beyond the drugs

But it was the weight of his ego

Luggage he refused to get rid of

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