Now that my eyes are open,

I was actually hoping,

We could discuss my token

Which seems to be broken

Since my mind you’ve now opened

I was so caught up on ego stroking

Only hoping

No more moping

From past promises broken

& I’m so sorry

I broke it

The pretty Jasmine you grew in your mind

Now the honest truth of me,

Some scents you now know

That every petal on this flower that glitters ain’t gold


We both ignored the signs

Began to consume too much of my mind

From me trying to identify

A Non Emotional Cocky Reply

When I try to deny how high

I fly

Because I wanted to shelter the part of your ego

Which fueled “That Guy”.



I should’ve figured

When his figures were misprioritized

Blindly I heard the truth

The whispers

Their lips loose

How dare he not notice the masterpiece I was becoming to be?

It’s because he wanted to lock me down

So I quickly broke free.

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