Gyrating fast Body speaking fluently & Usually I would refuse To even explain the ways I’ve allowed him to use To stretch limbs and touch places For so many years Orgasmically vacant Like a creep He’s secretly taping it Origami My physical form, he shaping it Balled in my emotions Symbolically leaving Like he’s raking up the leaves Changed colors like the leaves Every time I feel a breeze A breeze of insecurity That confines him to be Tied up in his emotions Progressively I’m hoping Guns a blazing so they smoking Not even open late But for Jasmine He … Continue reading


This experience was brief and sudden So many lessons I’ve already learned from it It was such easy money I was in my glory Naive to the fact That the Divine had something else in mind for me Discriminated against in public It was mad corny Professionally insulted at the least It was hard for me But like a Lady I stood my softly ground Professionally expressed That I was a target & the shots were kinda loud I’ve done a lot in the past & Professionally, I am proud But I am a Libra at my core So without … Continue reading PR0FESSI0NAL X

So grateful for this time To realize how divine this dimension really is So many things I feel that I can’t speak of It’s like being really excited, But still not understanding what the true meaning of Christmas is.As a kid, My dreams were always so vivid Maybe at the age of 10, From the intense feeling of pain from the past So deep the cut If touched, I can still kinda feel it But not triggered by the mention Twenty Seven Teen, I think that’s when I went missing Happy to announce I’m back and better than I was … Continue reading

I remember the day I actually met him He was dark and handsome But ugly like a Christmas Sweater But it’s like I met him before Knowing damn well I never met him Like his soul was so familiar to mine So we were easily connected From that moment & time. We became one Going through so much privately Publicly speaking none So many secrets we share between us There has been a lot of Hell But equally as much fun, I mean it is us. But today Let’s continue to move forward & Focus on the present Take those … Continue reading

Being passive is so old fashion Aggressively I demand That I am treated like a woman Grab the door and yes please, Hold my hand. We have to value the earthly presence Of a woman Of naturally feminine essence We are all so different So ask and stop guessing But if you’re intimidated by my energy Not sure whether I should be insulted Or as disgusted as I appear to be. Because I am strong from experience and exposure This huge divide in security men create between us Is kinda hard to get over Like they fear swimming in their … Continue reading


I don’t even remember where we started It was sometime in my dark period So believe I am not too fond of it Made me feel like a child On punishment Waiting for the fruits He was never coming with  All the drama I screamed from none of it I chose to be a victim But I blame you for most of it 8eckhamForMoore Was the beginning To my all of my Spiritual winnings This formal attire is much more fitting Should’ve never allowed you into my Queendom My visions So naive to see em But you weren’t blessed enough … Continue reading 8eckhamForM00RE

For the past few nights I’ve dreamed of waking up next to you I’m finally secure in my feelings Removing my coat, getting rather comfortable This entire journey has magnified my trust in you Striding to your love fiercely High heels very comfortable Even though you’re still late I’m not even mad at you I’m happy you came through regardless boo & Even though you didn’t have to Opened the lanes of your love So I can join this journey at last with you This is ultimately the path I choose Coupon of love I’m thirsty to use Backing down … Continue reading