2:01 AM

He said he loved me I knew it wasn’t true To free myself Away, I happily flew. The shiny state So warm and blue Naive he was karma I didn’t have a clue. Now the flags were all there But still, I put up my heart filled share To combine my life with his I thought we made an honest pair. Running from who I loved But I needed to be rescued It wasn’t love A thief in the night He fit the glove Showed me inevitably The true definition of being in love. So domestic he became Just like … Continue reading 2:01 AM

1:47 AM

I no longer wanna hide Behind my ego and my pride Releasing all the pain I feel inside Tossing and turning So I must divide. See Lorraine & her love, Joe I wish they learned how to let go Of their toxic ways & Man it showed Detached from their roles Inevitably moving slow. Eventually Joe went on to rise That was the beginning of our demise I thought Lorraine was always the prize But she was empty Not even tryna hide. Her priorities were out of place Sometimes she would smack me in the face For deadbeat men she … Continue reading 1:47 AM


I use to be so naive For believing in things That were against my dreams The toxic role models Were the best I ever seen Because my exposure was limited I had no real stars on my team. So many broken homes & Fake facades It looked like a happy home But my abode was a garage Metaphorically speaking I kept up my own mirage Because I was timid and alone Things looked so easy But they were hard. Lacking love and affection Misguided because no one knew the right direction Maternally speaking, I was expecting For her to nurture … Continue reading DIVORCE